This is Asphyxia by Zharko Basheski

Orgasm is a little death (Le petite mort). Death acknowledges life. Joy of life exists only because of the grip of death. This is Asphyxia by Zharko Basheski   [embed][/embed]
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Asphyxia by Zharko Basheski


Žarko Bašeski’s latest work Asphyxia (sculpture; silicon, nylon, natural hair; 200 x 180 x 160 cm), is a powerful symbol of man’s existential condition in the modern world.   This work can be understood as a desperate cry of the mankind, dying in a suicidal...
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“Ordinary man” woke up in Germany!

The bronze version of the sculpture "Ordinary Man" by the hyperrealist Zharko Basheski arrives аt his new home - The Institute for Culture Exchange in Tübingen, Germany!   The bronze sculpture, with dimensions 2.2m X 1.8m will be the first sculpture by Zharko Basheski to...
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ordinary men

Activating Receptors

A consistent creative path has brought Zharko Basheski to a top position in the world of art. When after years of abstract sculpting and installations his sculptures became more and more figural in form, at a certain point he found himself closer to purely realist...
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oridinary men