“Ordinary man” woke up in Germany!

“Ordinary man” woke up in Germany!

The bronze version of the sculpture “Ordinary Man” by the hyperrealist Zharko Basheski arrives аt his new home – The Institute for Culture Exchange in Tübingen, Germany!


The bronze sculpture, with dimensions 2.2m X 1.8m will be the first sculpture by Zharko Basheski to be placed at the entrance of the cultural institute in Tübingen.

Setting up a sculpture at the heart of culture of the city of Tübingen is more than showing respect and recognition towards the value of this work.

This bronze sculpture was made according to the original hyperrealistic sculpture ,,Оrdinary men” from 2004, which was originally made from polyester resin, fiberglass, hair and silicone.

The collaboration with the hyperrealist sculptor Zharko Basheski began at the initiative of the institute in Tunningen, which recognized the sculptor’s ability to capture time and transfer it to a perfect hyperrealistic monument.

On June 23, this hyperrealistic representative of the art of Zharko Basheski will welcome all art lovers in the city of Tübingen.

Yes, thanks to “Ordinary Man”, Zharko Baseski created an extraordinary collaboration with the cultural institute in Germany.

The extraordinary journey of the ordinary man continues.