Self Portrait

The self-portrait or the artist’s self-representation has its official roots as far back as the Middle Ages and history of art has noted its presence even centuries before. Zharko Basheski, like many artists before, has made several self-portraits that incorporate the obsessive appearance with one’s...
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The sculpture Crucifixion is perhaps only the end of a story of this chapter in the art legacy of Basheski. This scene depicts a man in a pose of crucifixion, but upside down, as the scene of the crucifixion of St. Peter. Following the life...
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Žarko Bašeski’s latest work Asphyxia (sculpture; silicon, nylon, natural hair; 200 x 180 x 160 cm), is a powerful symbol of man’s existential condition in the modern world. This work can be understood as a desperate cry of the mankind, dying in a suicidal agony....
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Ordinary Human Exhibition – National Gallery Cifte Amam

In the early 90s of the last century, Zarko Baseski seriously imposed himself through his exhibitions in Macedonia and in the years that followed in Europe through his new explorative consideration in the field of plastic sculptural expression. His initial works in context of free...
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self knowledge

Bunsen Goetz Galerie, Nürnberg

Always happy, active and good-looking, as if coming from a cosmetics catalogue – this is how movies and television, yellow pages and advertisements, picture us humans. With his hyper-realistic plastic artworks, the Macedonian sculptor Žarko Bašeski allows us to see that this ideal presentation of...
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At the beginning of this century, when rushing towards the New and Unknown, we finally reached the line where our world ends; when the end of History was announced and the colossal ruins of Religion, Philosophy and Art were left behind, when the time of...
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Gallery MC, New York 2010

The artwork is comprised of a projection of a computer animation over a canvas in order to reach three-dimensionality. The animation consists of lines that in a certain period of time shape the image of a person with a tendency of out-of-time appearance. The projection...
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